100% Natural Handmade Soap - 

Are you searching for the perfect handmade soap? Do you want above average? 

If you think a handmade cake of soap is for you, but want the luxury that comes with exotic oils, then you have hit the right website. Who says handcrafted needs to be boring. 

At Okanagan Soapery we have a wide variety of soaps to suit your needs. All made with oils to nourish as well as cleanse.

Our cakes range from being mild enough for a baby's needs to soaps tough enough for the hardest working hands. #CowboyStrong is our personal motto. And yet even our toughest soaps will provide full nourishment to avoid being harsh to the skin it is cleaning  

Lavender lovers will be enthralled with the heady scent of the lavender essential oil used in our Lavender Buds Body Cake.

If you like Peppermint, you are going to be delighted at the refreshing scent of our Castile Mint Bar.

Our scents are tested to last. 

All our soap recipes come with or without scent, as well as with or without colour. To give you the best variety available for your needs.

At The Soap Bar we don't think unscented needs to be boring, some of our unscented soaps have a variety of either themes or colours as well as shapes to choose from. This gives you a choice of soaps made from all natural oils that suit you.
Our soaps names may change without notice, while the recipe will stay the same, I am always trying to improve my techniques to beautify our soaps. So if you have found a favourite but no longer see it.. ask. I would prefer to provide the name of the recipe used on our soaps as well as the name of the design with that in mind we will incorporate a QR Code for full details into all of out products

At The Soap Bar we aim to provide every style of soap available out there. This is a building process that we would love for you to join us on.  Below you will find the current eecipes at The Soap Bar.

We have Pine Tar, Hemp, Olive. We also have a vegan line.

Olive & Peppermint
Extremely Mild Castile Soap with a light Peppermint aroma.

Soft seductive sandalwood with notes of vanilla, powder and musk, a crowd favourite

Happy Man Scent
A rather classic manly aroma that screams come closer and smell me. 

Sweet Blackberries soap is in our Hemp line. You'll get hungry just smelling this scent!

Charcoal is said to draw impurities, dirt and oil from the skin. We put loads of charcoal in this soap for maximum cleansing effectiveness.

​Cherry Almond 
Can you say Black Forest Cake. 

Cotton Candy
Sweet and sassy. This fragrance will take you back to the county fair.

Mild and nutty coconut for a subtle scent...

Sweet fresh watermelon, perfect for spring and summer.

Honeysuckle is sweet and floral with subtle sweetness in the background, a true classic. 

Classic Lavender Aroma with essential oil, ground buds in this handcrafted soap.

A tart yet sweet, lemony bliss a true classic scent.

Nature's Camo Rose
This blend is close to the wild moutain rose. A blend designed by us here at Okanagan Soapery.

#MarineStrong Camo
A manly scented goat milk soap designed for a general in the US Marine Corp. It is a good strong soap made with goal milk so it is going to do a great job of taking care of your skin. 

Bring me the beach!!!
Had enough of winter? This so demands a breach day no matter what the weather outside says. A propietary belnd of frangrances that bring the beach to you. A fresh clean "fruity/floral scent" that will leave you willing to take on winter.

Earthy, rich and incredibly addictive, it's Patchouli Soap.


Ingredients in our Handmade Soaps

We make our soap completely from scratch, using raw ingredients and recipes we created. 

The ingredients we use to make our handmade soaps vary, depending on the type of soap made. All soaps are made with some kind of fat or oil, some kind of liquid, and of course sodium hydroxide or 'lye'. 

Most of us have heard our whole lives that oil and water don't mix. And they don't - Unless you change their chemical composition. And sodium hydroxide does exactly that. It changes the oil and water so that they can blend and become soap. Please make a mental note that although lye is one of the ingredients used to create soap, there is no lye left in our good-for-your-skin soaps! Lye is transformed in the soapmaking process.

Each individual soap listed on our website will include the ingredients used to make that soap along with a general description of the soap. If you buy our wrapped soaps, the ingredients will also be repeated word for word on the paper cigar bands the soap will come wrapped in.

Please click below to focus on the areas you are most interested in, or scroll down the page to read about the ingredients we use in all our soaps.

As soap is being made it creates natural glycerine that is left in all of our soaps. Handcrafted soaps clean without stripping your skin of its oils.

It leaves a thin layer of this glycerine on your skin to moisturize and smooth your skin.

The bars are cut and wrapped by hand to make them unique. Most are in beautiful, handmade papers to beautify your bath, if you can resist using them.

Change the routine of washing into a pleasant experience as the wonderful scents drift and touch your senses!
Soap Descriptions

We start with base oils of olive, coconut, palm, essential oils, grapefruit seed extract, and vitamin E and add to these for the individual recipe. Our wonderfully soft spring water is used exclusively and the colors derive from the additives such as herbs and cornmeal, or from natural pigments.

Some bars contain cosmetic grade fragrance oils for scent instead of essential oils and these are noted with an asterisk (*).